Monday, June 15, 2009


Plan: Nothing Fancy; 9:35 pace (stay within +/- 10s)

Legs felt awesome today. This time I actually wrote out the split times I wanted to hit, so I didn't have to deal with the Garmin301 pace bouncing BS. Helped alot, tho i CAN'T wait for the 305 to come in the mail:)!! Also, when it comes going to start tracking my HR again:) to make sure my hard days are HARD, and my easy days are easy.

According to my Garmin301 splits were:
M1- 9:25 (I go downhill at the beg)
M2- 9:15 (not sure what my prob was LOL)
M3- 9:30 (getting better)
M4- 9:37
M5- 9:39
M6- 9:41

Well, overall pretty consistent, so I'm happy:)! Plus it was hot out there, and I got out late today, cause there was stuff going on that I had to attend to in the a.m.

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