Monday, June 29, 2009


Today marks the beginning of training week #8

Got out for my run after I got the kids off to camp. Woo Hoo schools out for summer:)!!

Hit the pavement around 11:30am, and the temp said 75F and 60% humidity, it was blue skies and sunny: GORGEOUS!! Decided to run my 4 mile loop backwards, and then add the 3mile pond route to it. It was great.

7 miles in 1::07:31 for an avg pace of 9:38

HR avg was 136 and cardiac drift: 157

According to my Garmin 305 my splits were:
M1-9:41 avg HR: 120 cardiac drift: 130 (all downhill)
M2-9:39 avg HR: 141 cardiac drift: 157 (all uphill)
M3-9:40 avg HR: 139 cardiac drift: 154 (flat to downhill)
M4-9:35 avg HR: 144 cardiac drift: 151 (gradual uphill)
M5-9:35 avg HR: 135 cardiac drift: 151 (flat to gradual uphill)
M6-9:12 avg HR: 137 cardiac drift: 147 (flat to downhill)
M7-9:12 avg HR: 139 cardiac drift: 144 (flat)


robison52 said...

A nice strong workout on hills...a 9:38 average pace is pretty impressive when you consider the heat and humidity too!!

Gina Harris said...

You are doing awesome on your training runs. NYC will be great!