Sunday, June 21, 2009

June 20, 2009

4 Mile recovery run. Plan was to keep the pace @9:30

8:30am - I got out the door early, as the day was going to be rainy and busy & I wanted to get the run in before the rain hit:)!! Temp said 65F and it was cloudy, but the sun did pop out during the run for a bit.

Legs were a bit crampy/heavy the first mile, but then they loosened up.

4 miles in 38:17 avgHR 143 - MaxHR 183

Mile splits/HR as per my Garmin 301:

M1 - 9:35 (avgHR 145 - MaxHR 180)
M2 - 9:33 (avgHR 142 - MaxHR 168)
M3 - 9:34 (avgHR 140 - MaxHR 170)
M4 - 9:35 (avgHR 144 - MaxHR 183)

My heart rate was all over the place. Some due to spike, some due to humidity (it was hot), but I'm also guessing the body may not have recovered from yesterdays long run, plus it didn't help that I didn't get great sleep:(

I didn't get my Core Fun workout in till much later, as I had a meeting at our club for the Kids Camp this summer. So at 12:15, I did the core workout.
Knee Crunches 1set 20reps
Hip Lifts 1set 4reps
Standard Crunches 1set 20reps
Push Ups 1set 25reps
Push Ups 2nd set 25reps
Obliques Crunches 2 sets of 25
Heel Touches 2 sets 20 reps
Bicycles 2sets 20reps
Oblique Twists 0 0
Supermans 2sets 20 reps
1-Min Planks 2sets

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