Friday, June 19, 2009


Thankfully weather held off for me today (even saw the sun briefly at the end of the run:). Temp said 65F. As soon as I got kids to school, I got myself ready for this run.

Plan for today was 10miles. 4 Easy (8:45 pace) 4 Moderat (8:15 pace) 2 Hard/Fast (No slower than 8 pace) I think my friend Bruce calls this kind of a run progression???

To be honest I was nervous to do this workout. I believed I could do it, but the pacing set by my coach had me a tad worried. Thankfully I trust/believe in him, and just let my legs feel it.

After the run I immediately did the Core6 workout. My legs were heavy, and definitely started to tighten up and get crampy. I followed the Core6 with yoga, foam roller, and then a 7min ice bath. After all that, legs felt great again:) Tho I can feel them tightening up as I sit here typing away. Must finish quick and foam roller again.

10 miles in 1:23:53 for an average pace of 8:23

Avg HR 160 Max HR 196

According to my Garmin301, my mile splits were:
M1-8:47 avg HR 149 max HR 183
M2-8:47 avg HR 173 max HR 188
M3-8:51 avg HR 156 max HR 178
M4-8:51 avg HR 157 max HR 165
M5-8:17 avg HR 171 max HR 188
M6-8:20 avg HR 159 max HR 178
M7-8:17 avg HR 162 max HR 168
M8-8:20 avg HR 162 max HR 168
M9-7:30(downhill) avg HR 158 max HR 166
M10-7:53 avg HR 163 max HR 196

Core6 workout was:
1-Min Planks 2sets
Bicycles - 2sets of 25
Oblique Crunches - 2 sets of 25
Crunches - 2 sets of 25
Hip Extensions - 2 sets of 25
Pushups - 1 set of 25

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robison52 said...

Yup, what you accomplished in grand fashion was a progression run when you run progressively faster miles...these runs help you to learn to maintain form when tired AND to facilitate negative splits during your race.

A 7 minute ice bath is a great idea, but not so sure about doing yogas or bicycles with tired and heavy legs...I doubt I would be able to accomplish so much stress as you did today!