Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Plan: 15-minutes w/u @ 9:30/pace
6 x 3-minutes @ 8:00/pace w/ 2-minute jogging recovery (no slower than 10/pace)
15-minutes c/d @ 9:15/pace

Legs were a bit heavy when I woke this morning. Tho I did have great sleep:)!! But once I got to the track and started the workout, my legs felt awesome. My left knee did ache on the car ride home. Did not hurt at all while running. I don't think my legs like being in the upright sitting position for too long:( But I iced it as soon as I got home, and then it felt great again. Will monitor it!!

This was the first run with my brand new Garmin 305 and I LOVED it, so much more accurate than the 301, just wish I could get it to sync with BuckeyeOutdoors. Oh well, so close, but yet so far.

Here is the info that uploaded to my computer when I got home:

Total workout time: 1:00:00 Total mileage: 6.68 avg pace 8:58

15min w/u- @ 9:32 pace 1.58 miles (6.3-6.9mph) (HR avg133; Max146)

3min @8:02pace .37miles (7.5-9.2mph) (HR avg154; Max158)
2min jog recovery @9:43pace .21miles (6.2-7.4mph) (HR avg145; Max157)

3min @7:56pace .38miles (7.6-8.6mph) (HR avg153; Max159)
2min jog recovery @9:51pace .20miles (6.1-7.8mph) (HR avg145; Max157) had water

3min @8:06pace .37miles (7.4-9.2mph) (HR avg153; Max156)
2min jog recovery @9:44pace .21miles (6.2-7.6mph) (HR avg146; Max155)

3min @7:56pace .38miles (7.5-8.8mph) (HR avg154; Max159)
2min jog recovery @9:49pace .20miles (6.1-8.9mph) (HR avg151; Max160) had water

3min @7:55pace .38miles (7.6-10.1mph) (HR avg158; Max162)
2min jog recovery @9:54pace .20miles (6.1-7.9mph) (HR avg148; Max155) had water

3min @8:02pace .37miles (7.5-9.0mph) (HR avg156; Max159)
2min jog recovery @9:41pace .21miles (6.2-6.7mph) (HR avg147; Max154)

Then 15min cooldown @9:14pace, covered 1.62 miles (6.5-8.0mph) (HR avg146; Max 155)

Great workout. I put in where I stopped for water, which explains why my HR was higher during the jog recovery, because in order to maintain the no slower than 10min pace, I had to kick it in a bit, to catch up, after stopping at my water bottle and taking a couple of swigs. It was HOT and HUMID today:(!!

Followed above with the core 6 workout out. Felt great:)
Strength Core6
1-Min Planks 2sets
Bicycles 2sets of 25
Oblique crunches 2sets of 25
Crunches 1 set of 25
Hip Extensions 1 set of 25
Pushups 1 set of 20


Michelle said...

Awesome workout you are doing so great!!! I am so happy to see how you are progressing through each week of workouts!!!


robison52 said...

I do my intervals on the treadmill due to Las Vegas summer heat and the treadmill forces me to stay on pace and find your post fascinating on the maintaining pace without a moving belt...having to play a little catch-up due to water breaks etc. Your interval workouts requires more concentration, hence more effort, than my own workouts...this fall when the weather is cooler I must experience track workouts.

I also own the Garmin 305 and simply LOVE IT!! I've named my virtual training partner "Garfield." Do you personalize your relationship with your training partner by giving it a name?